67 Rogue… almost there…

So I’m half way into 67 and finally got Shadow Step *muwhahaha*. By the way, no I didn’t bother to spec Combat for grinding to 70… no thanks…

I’ve done quite the number of awesome things on my rogue so far. My latest accomplishment would be *almost* killing a 70 Warlock. And I say almost because the only thing that saved him (he was down to 10% from 100%)¬†was a 70 Enchance Shammy and a 66 Hunter… jerks.

What I find amusing the most is how Alliance some how capture that town in Nagrand. Cause you know, that actually requires team work of all things! That’s a foreign concept to Alliance.

Back to Jail!… Errr University

Yes so the race is on once again, back to the track to learn them not-so-useful skillz. This term I’m taking 4 classes, three of them being Engineering and the other being Chemistry (joy). Come the winter term I get to take some lovely math courses like Calc 2 and Classical Algebra. From what I’ve heard from friends, Calc 2 is brutal *sigh*. Oh well, gotz to get that edumacation.

mobile radio

So I finally figured out how to stream radio to my phone. More specifically 1.FM radio. The problem came with the fact that 1.FM uses MMS to stream their radio which would work on most non-java smartphones. Unfortunately I have a u740 Java phone and so it doesn’t work.

So after about 6 months of sporatic work, I finally figured it out. I had to use VLC as a encoder to tranform the MMS stream to a mp4-latm RTP stream. After that, then use Darwin Streaming Server to take the RTP stream from VLC and broadcast it using the RTSP protocol.

So yea, now I can rock away and tell my cell company to take that 7.00/month radio package and shove it.

63 Rogue… Zing!

So hopefully this comes out properly. I’m typing this on my cell and the new admin back end doesn’t work properly with it =/.

Anyways… so i eventually got to 63 on my rogue… almost 64. And I must say, it’s pretty damn fun. The two maces and new gear I have makes quick work of pretty much anything I’ve come across. Even this nub 70 mage that tried to jump me and a pally in Zangarmarsh.

70 Lock + 55 Rogue… Fun Fun Fun.

Yea, so I never posted it but… I finally got my Warlock to level 70 (a while ago). And I can say a while ago because I also have a crap load of Season 1+2 PvP gear including the Epic S2 War Staff. Pwn Pwn Pwn. I never did get my Epic Flyer though, 5000+ gold seems a bit much. But instead I started another toon (my counter class) a Rogue! I’ve had him for probably almost 2 months now playing on/off. He’s 55 as of yesterday and totally amazing!! Can’t wait to PvP with him.