Let the pwnage begin

Made it to 80 on my Death Knight (finally) a few weeks ago. Ever since then I’ve been farming money from quests and dailies to get my epic flyer and the skill to fly in Northrend. I got that a few days and 6200g ago *cry*.

But it’s nice, I’ve done already some heroic instances and got some pretty sweet gear which has enabled me to kill almost anything I come across (even other DKs). So far the only thing that’s been able to beat me continually are mages, as they have the ability to kite me to no end. And I certainly don’t feel like re-specing to Unholy just to get leverage on one class, meanwhile lose my advantage on every other class.


Two down…

Well another semester bites the dust and another begins.  Let’s see, that’s two out of… 14… approximately anyway. And that’s 14 semesters till my bachelors, not my masters. I’ve been in post secondary way to long to go for a masters.

The main problem I’ve been facing lately is finding the urge to continue in post secondary. I already have my 2 year diploma in Computer Programming from Red River College, so I could technically get a decent paying job from that (40-70K yearly). But I don’t know, I’ll have to see how well I’m cut out for Mechanical Engineering.


79 and counting

Yep, that’s right… my DK isn’t 80. I know I know… what the heck here? I took a bit of a break due to exams and the end of my semester so I fell behind in leveling. On the bright side however, I had rested XP from 74 to mid 79. And I’m bout 1300 gold away from my first epic flying skill (woo).

Anyway, I’m actually going to have to postpone leveling my toon till after the 2nd of January when I return from my voyage. Unless course I can somehow login to my account once I get to where I’m going, which is not very likely at least for any length of time.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!


DeathKnight FTW

So I’ve been leveling a DK and so far I must say, OP all the way. I’m 72 at the moment but that does stop me from destroying higher level classes. 75 Undead Rogue? No prob. 74 Blood Elf Warlock? Peace of cake. 76 Blood Elf Hunter? What huntard?

The only class that’s given me problems are other DKs. And even then, most of them die to my wrath.