Job hunting

However strange it is, with everyone leaving the deparment I’m in, it’s inspired me to also find a better place of employment. My goal is to have a job around May 20th so we’ll see how that works out.

 Better job ftw 🙂

The sad realization

You know it’s sad really. When you first play World of Warcraft you discover that you really rarely see a loading screen. And the first concept of this is awesome, you think, WOW I can go anywhere in real time!

Yea… real time… meaning… if you have to go to from one side of the world to the other… it’s going to take you one hell of a long time. And there’s no in-flight movie either!! *sigh* And then of course you realize… why the hell am I wasting all this time… oh yea… for that damn Epic Mount or some crap.

Back to WoW

Yea… I took like a two month break and now have started back up again. I stopped at level 58 on my Warlock and now am up to 60… going to get my mount!!! Zomg +100% movement speed!!

Zoom zoom zoom!!!

Forums, Forums, Forums

Well I’m working on my fancy forums software for Re-Nuke. Granted they’re not THAT fancy. I’ll have a public version up and running once I finish some more security in it and they’ll be available at

The reason I need to make some forum software is because phpBB2 is such a… oh what’s a good word… needy software. And it’s not very flexible in PHP-Nuke considering it doesn’t even take advantage of the PHP-Nuke themes.

The forums I’m making use the existing PHP-Nuke theme and have an indefinite thread tree structure. Meaning you can have a thread inside a thread inside a thread inside a thread inside another thread, and so on. At the moment I’m working on permissions for threads as at the moment anyone can post/create anywhere.