Few New Awesome Things….

First off… New website theme… pretty slick eh? It may not please everyone, but I think it’s friggin awesome.

Second… I just got my CAT6e cable (1×100 Ft, 1×50 Ft, 2x25Ft) in the mail today and upgraded all my cabling run to my D-Link gigabit switch. First benchmark… ~3.00 Megabytes/second and was like… wtf?

 Do a little tweaking on the server side and 2nd benchmark… 21 Megabytes/second, SWEET!! Only 107 Megabytes/second more to go lol. Can’t wait until my 500 GB network storage gets here.


The epitome of incompetence

Well I had to post this. I just got an email from a contact of mine who regularly sends me jokes, funny videos, etc. I’m sure you have at least one. Anyways, they sent me this video of an employee working at what appears to be a gas station (probably a Shell station due to the markings on the truck). After the fueling truck pulls up the employee decided to check the contents of the truck and… well… I’ll let you watch the video:


Back to Warcraft 3

Well I’ve started playing Warcraft 3 again and it brings back many memories. I never bought the frozen throne expansion, but I’d always play in Farmers vs Hunters, Sheeps, DotA, and tower defence maps.

 And on top of going back to Warcraft 3, I’ve started making Farmers vs Hunters maps and created a website to put them on: http://sites.secnem.com/fvh/

You might be wondering why I didn’t make it something like: http://warcraft.secnem.com/ or something like that. I may still yet, the first concept of the website was just a small site to host Farmers vs Hunters maps. I’ll probably move the website to http://warcraft.secnem.com/ once I get my professional theme from PortalThemes.com, yes I bought a theme (oh noes!!).


More cell problems

So I had my cell service cancelled as the dealer I spoke with directly claimed that their network was unable to stream anything even on streaming capable phone. Now I personally didn’t want the phone service cancelled in the first place, all I wanted was to swap it with a phone that worked 100%, but apparently they didn’t want to do that.

Now I can’t say that I actually believe that douche dealer who cancelled my contract as other people with the same provider claim that they can stream videos and radio. I believe it has something to do with the phone’s hardware and/or the switches/hubs/routers it communitates with. I would have rather had them temporarily enable the paid streaming radio they offer so I can see if that worked or not. 

In the end trying the paid streaming radio never happened and I was without a cell on the weekend (oh well). I have the cell phone back and activated with the provider again as the GSM provider here is a tad pricey for me. The amusing thing about my current provider is they couldn’t even activate it properly as now my web browser doesn’t work *sigh*. I’ll need to call them about that.


First post from a mobile browser

So out of sheer boredom I figured I’d try making a post to my blog using Opera Mini on my u740. Obvioulsy if you’re reading this then I was successful in my venture.

Luckily for me, I have a full qwerty keyboard to type this out on (even though it is with thumbs only). As I’m sure you could imagine typing this post on a keypad using T9 or alpha may be a bit troublesome for a few.