Cell Problems Fixed

So it finally happened. My cell company got part of it’s act together and fixed the problems with my streaming and for the most part the overall data access. *claps* wooo…

It is however quite nice to now have both audio and video when streaming. About a month ago they fixed the video part, but any streaming video had no audio so it was like… o… k… But now it works all fancy like. It would be just nice if they made a patch that allowed their proprietary web browser work in wide screen w/the on board qwerty keyboard. At the moment it doesn’t allow you to use the keyboard with the web browser. Opera’s pretty awesome as it works with the keyboard, but it doesn’t interface well with the built in media player.

Oh well. Hopefully they’ll get around to fixing those issues as well. At least they’re doing something.


Benefits to a day shift…

At my current job I hold a night shift which normally ends around 2:00am. Now of course by the time I get home and had my fill of WoW and internet it’s normally 6:00am and everyone else is heading off to work.

I’ve been harassed a few times to go to bed early (like when I get home) and my reply is… why? Can you go to bed right when you get home? Although since your current job runs you down and makes you get up at 6:00am, I can almost see it possible.

So what benefits are there to a day shift?

Well you get to get home at ~5:00pm, you can go out and party with friends who also get out around that time if you still have the energy. You can… ummm… complain as to why you have to wake up so early everyday.


How does that compare to night shift?

Well you get home anywhere between 12:00am to 4:00am and not have to worry about rush hour traffic. You can hang out with friends during the day or when you get home from work. You can wake up when all the stores are still open. And you normally have time to kill before you go back to work after you wake up.

So is a day shift better than a night shift?

Well that depends on the person, but I believe night shift is for the win. Less hassle, easier on the body once you’re used to it. You can actually go out to the beach or other places during the day while other people are stuck in the office.

Would I ever take a day shift?

That also depends on two key factors. If there’s a night shift available, then not a chance. If they pay me considerably more, then probably.


What’s new…

Well not a whole heck of a lot has changed really. I’m still working on some web projects here and there. I still work in the same place and still am looking for means of escape. It seems it won’t stop raining here, which isn’t all bad really as I like the rain.

I was asked recently about making some changes to ActionScript in a flash game which I lol’d at as I don’t know it. I could read and understand what the existing code was saying, but I’ll be damned if I could replicate anything useful.

Still goin to University although no classes currently (being summer and what not) but that doesn’t stop me from still going there to grab an Icecapp *mmmmmm* on the way to work.


A lil sushi anyone?


Rice + Seaweed + what ever else (normally sea food).

I tried some today and I must say, it’s definitely a different style of food nothing like your regular Wendy’s Hamburger or even oriental food. Do I like it? Well my overall enjoyment of it wasn’t spectacular, I mean I don’t like seafood to start with.

To tell you the truth I almost gag’d on my third piece of some Californa dealy ( crab + avocado ). But I’ll admit it wasn’t bad, I still prefer Chinease food over it still and I’ll probably definitely try it again. I can tell you what though, some steak/pork sushi would be bloody awesome.