DeathKnight FTW

So I’ve been leveling a DK and so far I must say, OP all the way. I’m 72 at the moment but that does stop me from destroying higher level classes. 75 Undead Rogue? No prob. 74 Blood Elf Warlock? Peace of cake. 76 Blood Elf Hunter? What huntard?

The only class that’s given me problems are other DKs. And even then, most of them die to my wrath.


Shamm on, Shamm off

Yep, that’s right, you guessed it (although maybe not), I rolled a Shaman in WoW. She’s now level 5 just a wee tiny thing, but I have faith in her ability to pWN newbs shortly. You know lots of people I know say that the starting area for Draenei sucks. Well after leveling like 6 or so Humans I think the change in scenery is quite nice, although I’m only level 5 so I can’t exactly say I’ve explored any of it well.

We’ll see in the coming days how this progresses… or more/less how much studying I get done =P.


Blog Spam

Here’s a blurb taken from my WordPress dashboard.

“You have 38 total comments, 2 approved, 36 spam and 0 awaiting moderation.”

Now fortunately I have Akismet which automatically filters spam comments and I actually never see them. But still 94% of the comments are spam which begs the question, what the heck for? I mean the site is most likely spammed by some bot with a list of every blog on the internet, but you’d think they’d realize that anyone who know’s what they’re doing would have spam protection.

But that also brings up a good question, how many of blog admins/users have spam protection? I mean if we all had spam protection then it wouldn’t even be worth the time to run the bots, so clearly a group of uninformed individuals have their blog setup and are getting slammed with spam figuring their getting good user traffic.

Oh well, I guess that means that those of us who know what we’re doing get to benefit from a spam-less blog.


World of Warcraft 3.0.1 Patch

Ok so today is the release date for the WoW 3.0.1 patch which includes all the Wrath of the Lich King (Wotlk) changes excluding Death Knight class, Northrend, and Leveling to 80.

Fortunately for you, I decided to upload the patch to my web server allowing anyone to freely download it. Considering the Blizzard downloader only allows a 32KB/sec download and most 3rd party sites at the moment are heavily trafficed.

I have 5 TB of monthy transfer and a OC-192 connection, so please feel free to use it.