The future of Tribes @ SecneM

Well I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re being redirected to here when you’re trying to access The reason for that is I’ve forced the redirect to reconsider the potential of the website.

People are welcome to post comments. But for now the NameServer project will be permenantly shut down, Tribes forums are still pending.

Discussions — 3 Responses

  • Mruballos January 28, 2009 on 2:14 am

    Hey I think we should create like a community for TribesNext. It can also be like a clan that we can run, and the community should like host a server together and have like small events now and then. Also, we can set this site so we can support other people with fixes, addons and a stuff like that created by the community. I am posting this quick so I am sorry if you don’t understand. But the site has a lot of potential.

  • Josh March 13, 2009 on 1:05 am

    Hey Nova what is the scoop on T2? Like the full game are the master servers still up? Or is it completely dead. Send me a email please

  • PJ June 6, 2010 on 1:25 pm

    Hey NoVa, you might remember me but its been a few years. Im that annoying little kid that you guys banned 2 years ago. Im the one that said that i made a “back up” website for If you dont remember me… thats fine but i would like to know if the Tribes 2 server is down… i cant access it at all. Please get back to me asap.