Well another semester bites the dust and another begins.  Let’s see, that’s two out of… 14… approximately anyway. And that’s 14 semesters till my bachelors, not my masters. I’ve been in post secondary way to long to go for a masters.

The main problem I’ve been facing lately is finding the urge to continue in post secondary. I already have my 2 year diploma in Computer Programming from Red River College, so I could technically get a decent paying job from that (40-70K yearly). But I don’t know, I’ll have to see how well I’m cut out for Mechanical Engineering.

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Back to Jail!… Errr University

Yes so the race is on once again, back to the track to learn them not-so-useful skillz. This term I’m taking 4 classes, three of them being Engineering and the other being Chemistry (joy). Come the winter term I get to take some lovely math courses like Calc 2 and Classical Algebra. From what I’ve heard from friends, Calc 2 is brutal *sigh*. Oh well, gotz to get that edumacation.