Made it to 80 on my Death Knight (finally) a few weeks ago. Ever since then I’ve been farming money from quests and dailies to get my epic flyer and the skill to fly in Northrend. I got that a few days and 6200g ago *cry*.

But it’s nice, I’ve done already some heroic instances and got some pretty sweet gear which has enabled me to kill almost anything I come across (even other DKs). So far the only thing that’s been able to beat me continually are mages, as they have the ability to kite me to no end. And I certainly don’t feel like re-specing to Unholy just to get leverage on one class, meanwhile lose my advantage on every other class.

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Well I’m sure not a lot of people know of my Re-Nuke project, but for the past few weeks I’ve been re-designing the PHP-Nuke software to be a bit more secure and efficiently written.

I started the project when I decided I was fed up with having to find a PHP-Nuke theme that worked for the website AND the stupid phpBB2 forums. The only problem was trying to remove the “Your Account”, “Private Messages”, “Forums”, and “Members List” to make it more of an independant CMS system.

So far the project has gone well. I’ve shrunk most of the core files down to below half their original size except for the “mainfile.php” most of the code in there is actually required for things. The most entertaining thing is my Re-Nuke changes are still almost 100% compatible with the existing modules. There’s a few bugs here and there still that I need to work out but that will come eventually.

One major change I made is that the new system runs on sessions instead of cookies. This makes it almost impossible to hack/spoof anything. The only downside to sessions is there’s no easy way to “keep me logged in”, but oh well. At the moment all the registering, logging in, and logging out is handled by the “Mainfile.php”. I’ll probably eventually move them back to the “Your Account” module, but so far it’s working well in the Mainfile.


63 Rogue… Zing!

So hopefully this comes out properly. I’m typing this on my cell and the new admin back end doesn’t work properly with it =/.

Anyways… so i eventually got to 63 on my rogue… almost 64. And I must say, it’s pretty damn fun. The two maces and new gear I have makes quick work of pretty much anything I’ve come across. Even this nub 70 mage that tried to jump me and a pally in Zangarmarsh.