So I’ve been leveling a DK and so far I must say, OP all the way. I’m 72 at the moment but that does stop me from destroying higher level classes. 75 Undead Rogue? No prob. 74 Blood Elf Warlock? Peace of cake. 76 Blood Elf Hunter? What huntard?

The only class that’s given me problems are other DKs. And even then, most of them die to my wrath.

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A lil sushi anyone?


Rice + Seaweed + what ever else (normally sea food).

I tried some today and I must say, it’s definitely a different style of food nothing like your regular Wendy’s Hamburger or even oriental food. Do I like it? Well my overall enjoyment of it wasn’t spectacular, I mean I don’t like seafood to start with.

To tell you the truth I almost gag’d on my third piece of some Californa dealy ( crab + avocado ). But I’ll admit it wasn’t bad, I still prefer Chinease food over it still and I’ll probably definitely try it again. I can tell you what though, some steak/pork sushi would be bloody awesome.


Cell Problems Fixed

So it finally happened. My cell company got part of it’s act together and fixed the problems with my streaming and for the most part the overall data access. *claps* wooo…

It is however quite nice to now have both audio and video when streaming. About a month ago they fixed the video part, but any streaming video had no audio so it was like… o… k… But now it works all fancy like. It would be just nice if they made a patch that allowed their proprietary web browser work in wide screen w/the on board qwerty keyboard. At the moment it doesn’t allow you to use the keyboard with the web browser. Opera’s pretty awesome as it works with the keyboard, but it doesn’t interface well with the built in media player.

Oh well. Hopefully they’ll get around to fixing those issues as well. At least they’re doing something.