Yep, that’s right, you guessed it (although maybe not), I rolled a Shaman in WoW. She’s now level 5 just a wee tiny thing, but I have faith in her ability to pWN newbs shortly. You know lots of people I know say that the starting area for Draenei sucks. Well after leveling like 6 or so Humans I think the change in scenery is quite nice, although I’m only level 5 so I can’t exactly say I’ve explored any of it well.

We’ll see in the coming days how this progresses… or more/less how much studying I get done =P.

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Best streaming radio

So I’ve had the opportunity to try out a few free streaming radio sites, and I must say out of the few I’ve tried AOL Radio and 1.FM are two of the best.

 Advantages to AOL Radio

  • Works both in Internet Explorer and FireFox
  • Tons of Radio Stations
  • Has XM satellite radio channels

Disadvantages to AOL Radio

  • You need to install a plug-in/active x control
  • Not compatible with mobile devices
  • Not always anything good playing

Advantages to 1.FM

  • Works in Windows Media Player
  • Works on Smart Phones
  • Normally good music
  • Has 32K and 128K stations for Dial up and High Speed Internet

Disadvantages to 1.FM

  • You need a player that’s compatible with ASX (Media Player streams)
  • Not a lot of channels

At the moment I’ve switched from AOL Radio to 1.FM as I can use it in Media Player and unlike AOL Radio, it’s not blocked at my University.


The epitome of incompetence

Well I had to post this. I just got an email from a contact of mine who regularly sends me jokes, funny videos, etc. I’m sure you have at least one. Anyways, they sent me this video of an employee working at what appears to be a gas station (probably a Shell station due to the markings on the truck). After the fueling truck pulls up the employee decided to check the contents of the truck and… well… I’ll let you watch the video: