Here’s a blurb taken from my WordPress dashboard.

“You have 38 total comments, 2 approved, 36 spam and 0 awaiting moderation.”

Now fortunately I have Akismet which automatically filters spam comments and I actually never see them. But still 94% of the comments are spam which begs the question, what the heck for? I mean the site is most likely spammed by some bot with a list of every blog on the internet, but you’d think they’d realize that anyone who know’s what they’re doing would have spam protection.

But that also brings up a good question, how many of blog admins/users have spam protection? I mean if we all had spam protection then it wouldn’t even be worth the time to run the bots, so clearly a group of uninformed individuals have their blog setup and are getting slammed with spam figuring their getting good user traffic.

Oh well, I guess that means that those of us who know what we’re doing get to benefit from a spam-less blog.

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Let the pwnage begin

Made it to 80 on my Death Knight (finally) a few weeks ago. Ever since then I’ve been farming money from quests and dailies to get my epic flyer and the skill to fly in Northrend. I got that a few days and 6200g ago *cry*.

But it’s nice, I’ve done already some heroic instances and got some pretty sweet gear which has enabled me to kill almost anything I come across (even other DKs). So far the only thing that’s been able to beat me continually are mages, as they have the ability to kite me to no end. And I certainly don’t feel like re-specing to Unholy just to get leverage on one class, meanwhile lose my advantage on every other class.


More cell problems

So I had my cell service cancelled as the dealer I spoke with directly claimed that their network was unable to stream anything even on streaming capable phone. Now I personally didn’t want the phone service cancelled in the first place, all I wanted was to swap it with a phone that worked 100%, but apparently they didn’t want to do that.

Now I can’t say that I actually believe that douche dealer who cancelled my contract as other people with the same provider claim that they can stream videos and radio. I believe it has something to do with the phone’s hardware and/or the switches/hubs/routers it communitates with. I would have rather had them temporarily enable the paid streaming radio they offer so I can see if that worked or not. 

In the end trying the paid streaming radio never happened and I was without a cell on the weekend (oh well). I have the cell phone back and activated with the provider again as the GSM provider here is a tad pricey for me. The amusing thing about my current provider is they couldn’t even activate it properly as now my web browser doesn’t work *sigh*. I’ll need to call them about that.