So I’m half way into 67 and finally got Shadow Step *muwhahaha*. By the way, no I didn’t bother to spec Combat for grinding to 70… no thanks…

I’ve done quite the number of awesome things on my rogue so far. My latest accomplishment would be *almost* killing a 70 Warlock. And I say almost because the only thing that saved him (he was down to 10% from 100%) was a 70 Enchance Shammy and a 66 Hunter… jerks.

What I find amusing the most is how Alliance some how capture that town in Nagrand. Cause you know, that actually requires team work of all things! That’s a foreign concept to Alliance.

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79 and counting

Yep, that’s right… my DK isn’t 80. I know I know… what the heck here? I took a bit of a break due to exams and the end of my semester so I fell behind in leveling. On the bright side however, I had rested XP from 74 to mid 79. And I’m bout 1300 gold away from my first epic flying skill (woo).

Anyway, I’m actually going to have to postpone leveling my toon till after the 2nd of January when I return from my voyage. Unless course I can somehow login to my account once I get to where I’m going, which is not very likely at least for any length of time.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!


Few New Awesome Things….

First off… New website theme… pretty slick eh? It may not please everyone, but I think it’s friggin awesome.

Second… I just got my CAT6e cable (1×100 Ft, 1×50 Ft, 2x25Ft) in the mail today and upgraded all my cabling run to my D-Link gigabit switch. First benchmark… ~3.00 Megabytes/second and was like… wtf?

 Do a little tweaking on the server side and 2nd benchmark… 21 Megabytes/second, SWEET!! Only 107 Megabytes/second more to go lol. Can’t wait until my 500 GB network storage gets here.