So hopefully this comes out properly. I’m typing this on my cell and the new admin back end doesn’t work properly with it =/.

Anyways… so i eventually got to 63 on my rogue… almost 64. And I must say, it’s pretty damn fun. The two maces and new gear I have makes quick work of pretty much anything I’ve come across. Even this nub 70 mage that tried to jump me and a pally in Zangarmarsh.

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First post from a mobile browser

So out of sheer boredom I figured I’d try making a post to my blog using Opera Mini on my u740. Obvioulsy if you’re reading this then I was successful in my venture.

Luckily for me, I have a full qwerty keyboard to type this out on (even though it is with thumbs only). As I’m sure you could imagine typing this post on a keypad using T9 or alpha may be a bit troublesome for a few.