Yea, so I never posted it but… I finally got my Warlock to level 70 (a while ago). And I can say a while ago because I also have a crap load of Season 1+2 PvP gear including the Epic S2 War Staff. Pwn Pwn Pwn. I never did get my Epic Flyer though, 5000+ gold seems a bit much. But instead I started another toon (my counter class) a Rogue! I’ve had him for probably almost 2 months now playing on/off. He’s 55 as of yesterday and totally amazing!! Can’t wait to PvP with him.

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Shamm on, Shamm off

Yep, that’s right, you guessed it (although maybe not), I rolled a Shaman in WoW. She’s now level 5 just a wee tiny thing, but I have faith in her ability to pWN newbs shortly. You know lots of people I know say that the starting area for Draenei sucks. Well after leveling like 6 or so Humans I think the change in scenery is quite nice, although I’m only level 5 so I can’t exactly say I’ve explored any of it well.

We’ll see in the coming days how this progresses… or more/less how much studying I get done =P.


What’s new…

Well not a whole heck of a lot has changed really. I’m still working on some web projects here and there. I still work in the same place and still am looking for means of escape. It seems it won’t stop raining here, which isn’t all bad really as I like the rain.

I was asked recently about making some changes to ActionScript in a flash game which I lol’d at as I don’t know it. I could read and understand what the existing code was saying, but I’ll be damned if I could replicate anything useful.

Still goin to University although no classes currently (being summer and what not) but that doesn’t stop me from still going there to grab an Icecapp *mmmmmm* on the way to work.