So it finally happened. My cell company got part of it’s act together and fixed the problems with my streaming and for the most part the overall data access. *claps* wooo…

It is however quite nice to now have both audio and video when streaming. About a month ago they fixed the video part, but any streaming video had no audio so it was like… o… k… But now it works all fancy like. It would be just nice if they made a patch that allowed their proprietary web browser work in wide screen w/the on board qwerty keyboard. At the moment it doesn’t allow you to use the keyboard with the web browser. Opera’s pretty awesome as it works with the keyboard, but it doesn’t interface well with the built in media player.

Oh well. Hopefully they’ll get around to fixing those issues as well. At least they’re doing something.

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First blog post

Well, you may be wondering what happened to the cool theme that I had on before. Well funny thing is, this is actually a fresh new install of WordPress… another fresh new install. See apparently I screwed up the first installation by deleting the wrong post. So, with that knowledge, I won’t do it again. Well, delete the post anyway, I may screw it up again some other way. Derp.