Rice + Seaweed + what ever else (normally sea food).

I tried some today and I must say, it’s definitely a different style of food nothing like your regular Wendy’s Hamburger or even oriental food. Do I like it? Well my overall enjoyment of it wasn’t spectacular, I mean I don’t like seafood to start with.

To tell you the truth I almost gag’d on my third piece of some Californa dealy ( crab + avocado ). But I’ll admit it wasn’t bad, I still prefer Chinease food over it still and I’ll probably definitely try it again. I can tell you what though, some steak/pork sushi would be bloody awesome.

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Two down…

Well another semester bites the dust and another begins.  Let’s see, that’s two out of… 14… approximately anyway. And that’s 14 semesters till my bachelors, not my masters. I’ve been in post secondary way to long to go for a masters.

The main problem I’ve been facing lately is finding the urge to continue in post secondary. I already have my 2 year diploma in Computer Programming from Red River College, so I could technically get a decent paying job from that (40-70K yearly). But I don’t know, I’ll have to see how well I’m cut out for Mechanical Engineering.


Back to Warcraft 3

Well I’ve started playing Warcraft 3 again and it brings back many memories. I never bought the frozen throne expansion, but I’d always play in Farmers vs Hunters, Sheeps, DotA, and tower defence maps.

 And on top of going back to Warcraft 3, I’ve started making Farmers vs Hunters maps and created a website to put them on:

You might be wondering why I didn’t make it something like: or something like that. I may still yet, the first concept of the website was just a small site to host Farmers vs Hunters maps. I’ll probably move the website to once I get my professional theme from, yes I bought a theme (oh noes!!).