Well I’m working on my fancy forums software for Re-Nuke. Granted they’re not THAT fancy. I’ll have a public version up and running once I finish some more security in it and they’ll be available at http://skool-of-tactics.secnem.com/.

The reason I need to make some forum software is because phpBB2 is such a… oh what’s a good word… needy software. And it’s not very flexible in PHP-Nuke considering it doesn’t even take advantage of the PHP-Nuke themes.

The forums I’m making use the existing PHP-Nuke theme and have an indefinite thread tree structure. Meaning you can have a thread inside a thread inside a thread inside a thread inside another thread, and so on. At the moment I’m working on permissions for threads as at the moment anyone can post/create anywhere.

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Best streaming radio

So I’ve had the opportunity to try out a few free streaming radio sites, and I must say out of the few I’ve tried AOL Radio and 1.FM are two of the best.

 Advantages to AOL Radio

  • Works both in Internet Explorer and FireFox
  • Tons of Radio Stations
  • Has XM satellite radio channels

Disadvantages to AOL Radio

  • You need to install a plug-in/active x control
  • Not compatible with mobile devices
  • Not always anything good playing

Advantages to 1.FM

  • Works in Windows Media Player
  • Works on Smart Phones
  • Normally good music
  • Has 32K and 128K stations for Dial up and High Speed Internet

Disadvantages to 1.FM

  • You need a player that’s compatible with ASX (Media Player streams)
  • Not a lot of channels

At the moment I’ve switched from AOL Radio to 1.FM as I can use it in Media Player and unlike AOL Radio, it’s not blocked at my University.


First post from a mobile browser

So out of sheer boredom I figured I’d try making a post to my blog using Opera Mini on my u740. Obvioulsy if you’re reading this then I was successful in my venture.

Luckily for me, I have a full qwerty keyboard to type this out on (even though it is with thumbs only). As I’m sure you could imagine typing this post on a keypad using T9 or alpha may be a bit troublesome for a few.