Yea… I took like a two month break and now have started back up again. I stopped at level 58 on my Warlock and now am up to 60… going to get my mount!!! Zomg +100% movement speed!!

Zoom zoom zoom!!!

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Back to the University

Well I must say, for the longest time I wasn’t sure if I wanted to actually continue in my Mechanical Engineering @ the University here. So today I went to the University, picked up a registration guide and took a nice long look at it.

So now I’m decided, I am going to go back to the University but not for Mechanical Engineering. More like… Electrical Engineering. Why? Two words (one course): Microwave Engineering… muwhahahahah.


Looking for work.

Time to put my skills to work. After graduating from my two year programming course at Red River College and taking another two years to work on small projects, I feel I’m ready to move to something bigger.

Currently I’ve practiced in well over 13 different languages ranging from XML and SQL to C# and PowerBuilder. I’ve also dealt with other technologies in Linux or Windows server environments including Media Servers, Web Servers, File Servers, and SQL Servers.

So, if you’re looking for a skilled programmer in web design or desktop software development, please feel free to email me at: software at secnem dot com