Well I’m sure not a lot of people know of my Re-Nuke project, but for the past few weeks I’ve been re-designing the PHP-Nuke software to be a bit more secure and efficiently written.

I started the project when I decided I was fed up with having to find a PHP-Nuke theme that worked for the website AND the stupid phpBB2 forums. The only problem was trying to remove the “Your Account”, “Private Messages”, “Forums”, and “Members List” to make it more of an independant CMS system.

So far the project has gone well. I’ve shrunk most of the core files down to below half their original size except for the “mainfile.php” most of the code in there is actually required for things. The most entertaining thing is my Re-Nuke changes are still almost 100% compatible with the existing modules. There’s a few bugs here and there still that I need to work out but that will come eventually.

One major change I made is that the new system runs on sessions instead of cookies. This makes it almost impossible to hack/spoof anything. The only downside to sessions is there’s no easy way to “keep me logged in”, but oh well. At the moment all the registering, logging in, and logging out is handled by the “Mainfile.php”. I’ll probably eventually move them back to the “Your Account” module, but so far it’s working well in the Mainfile.

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67 Rogue… almost there…

So I’m half way into 67 and finally got Shadow Step *muwhahaha*. By the way, no I didn’t bother to spec Combat for grinding to 70… no thanks…

I’ve done quite the number of awesome things on my rogue so far. My latest accomplishment would be *almost* killing a 70 Warlock. And I say almost because the only thing that saved him (he was down to 10% from 100%) was a 70 Enchance Shammy and a 66 Hunter… jerks.

What I find amusing the most is how Alliance some how capture that town in Nagrand. Cause you know, that actually requires team work of all things! That’s a foreign concept to Alliance.


More cell problems

So I had my cell service cancelled as the dealer I spoke with directly claimed that their network was unable to stream anything even on streaming capable phone. Now I personally didn’t want the phone service cancelled in the first place, all I wanted was to swap it with a phone that worked 100%, but apparently they didn’t want to do that.

Now I can’t say that I actually believe that douche dealer who cancelled my contract as other people with the same provider claim that they can stream videos and radio. I believe it has something to do with the phone’s hardware and/or the switches/hubs/routers it communitates with. I would have rather had them temporarily enable the paid streaming radio they offer so I can see if that worked or not. 

In the end trying the paid streaming radio never happened and I was without a cell on the weekend (oh well). I have the cell phone back and activated with the provider again as the GSM provider here is a tad pricey for me. The amusing thing about my current provider is they couldn’t even activate it properly as now my web browser doesn’t work *sigh*. I’ll need to call them about that.