First off… New website theme… pretty slick eh? It may not please everyone, but I think it’s friggin awesome.

Second… I just got my CAT6e cable (1×100 Ft, 1×50 Ft, 2x25Ft) in the mail today and upgraded all my cabling run to my D-Link gigabit switch. First benchmark… ~3.00 Megabytes/second and was like… wtf?

 Do a little tweaking on the server side and 2nd benchmark… 21 Megabytes/second, SWEET!! Only 107 Megabytes/second more to go lol. Can’t wait until my 500 GB network storage gets here.

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Looking for work.

Time to put my skills to work. After graduating from my two year programming course at Red River College and taking another two years to work on small projects, I feel I’m ready to move to something bigger.

Currently I’ve practiced in well over 13 different languages ranging from XML and SQL to C# and PowerBuilder. I’ve also dealt with other technologies in Linux or Windows server environments including Media Servers, Web Servers, File Servers, and SQL Servers.

So, if you’re looking for a skilled programmer in web design or desktop software development, please feel free to email me at: software at secnem dot com