Well I’ve started playing Warcraft 3 again and it brings back many memories. I never bought the frozen throne expansion, but I’d always play in Farmers vs Hunters, Sheeps, DotA, and tower defence maps.

 And on top of going back to Warcraft 3, I’ve started making Farmers vs Hunters maps and created a website to put them on: http://sites.secnem.com/fvh/

You might be wondering why I didn’t make it something like: http://warcraft.secnem.com/ or something like that. I may still yet, the first concept of the website was just a small site to host Farmers vs Hunters maps. I’ll probably move the website to http://warcraft.secnem.com/ once I get my professional theme from PortalThemes.com, yes I bought a theme (oh noes!!).

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63 Rogue… Zing!

So hopefully this comes out properly. I’m typing this on my cell and the new admin back end doesn’t work properly with it =/.

Anyways… so i eventually got to 63 on my rogue… almost 64. And I must say, it’s pretty damn fun. The two maces and new gear I have makes quick work of pretty much anything I’ve come across. Even this nub 70 mage that tried to jump me and a pally in Zangarmarsh.


DeathKnight FTW

So I’ve been leveling a DK and so far I must say, OP all the way. I’m 72 at the moment but that does stop me from destroying higher level classes. 75 Undead Rogue? No prob. 74 Blood Elf Warlock? Peace of cake. 76 Blood Elf Hunter? What huntard?

The only class that’s given me problems are other DKs. And even then, most of them die to my wrath.